Saturday, February 19, 2011

Opening Statement

My name is EB. I am starting this blog in order to reach out to others who were molested by Johannes Somary. Mr. Somary taught at the Horace Mann School for many years. He passed away earlier this month - February 2011. Though Mr. Somary brought the gift of music to many and had a long and celebrated career, he was also a molester of children. It took many years for me to remember the two instances of my molestation by him. Those events had a devastating impact on my life.
You may ask, why bring this up now, now that he is gone? The reason is that I know there are others out there like me and I believe that by connecting we may be able to help each other to heal.
New York City
February 19, 2011


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  2. I just read the Times article. I feel so sad learning about all of this. I am sad for the pain you and the others suffered. I am also very, very sorry that I never acted on rumors I heard.
    I wish you the best.