Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 10, 2016

I hope that many of you have read "Great is the Truth" by Amos Kamil and Sean Elder. I found the experience of reading it extremely painful and had to pause halfway through to regroup. The book really captures the way we survivors were viewed and treated by the school. There was really no compassion at all. We were pests and gold-diggers, a danger to the school's precious and undeserved reputation. I search my soul to find forgiveness for these dreadful human beings.
And speaking of dreadful human beings, I call out Anne Somary. It is beyond my comprehension that this woman takes no responsibility for what she and her husband did. Oh we only destroyed 50 or 60 lives. How do you live with yourself Anne? Come clean! Admit your foul acts! Help the survivors get the care they need!
Ed Bowen